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Instrument: The Halo

The Halo is a resonant steel instrument played by hand in the lap. Designed to engage the body and mind of the player in a new way, marrying rhythm, melody, and harmony in a single flow. Rich in timbre & very expressive, there are as many styles of play as there are players.

This instrument descended from the, more familiar, steel pan. This needs no stand to play. A Halo is very hard to obtain. To get one requires winning a lottery. Then, every Halo is made to order, making listening one all the more unique experience.

Joe's 3 hand pans on a colorful rug

Joe's 3 Halos can be played simultaneously

a halo steel drum

The Halo: an ancient melodic, steel drum...not a spaceship

Joe's Style: fusing Latin rhythms with beats in the moment

Joe enjoys creating music in the present and playing prepared songs. The blend of composition and improvisation changes with the mood of the room. Watch or listen to the examples on this page to notice the variety of tempo. If the setting is a dimly lit coffee-house, with customers sipping drinks and eating tapas, the music will be calming and slow. In a more open setting, with people standing and conversing, Joe might choose to play a faster beat creating engaging background-music.

The style, instrument and musician are dynamic.

Watch & Hear Celestial Beats


Large Outdoor Events

I'd like to comment about Mr. Clark who provided the entertainment for our annual fund-raising event held last October at Jacky's Water Place. His unique percussive ( and ) musical musicianship provided the perfect complement to our evening event. Never too loud, he was able to successfully weave his musical magic throughout and did so most professionally. In addition to being a seasoned performer, he's also a fine gentlemen. In short, without hesitation I'd highly recommend Joe Clark.

Robert A. Mancini,
St. Jude's Children Hospital, RI Chapter
Corporate Committee Member

Smaller, intimate Settings

I recently got married on January 1, 2014 in Newport. Joe played at our wedding reception at 41 North. WE ALL were mesmerized by his talent! The sounds he can create, the melody, the soothing nature of the music…simply amazing. He plays a soothing zen like melody that is so unique from most any other types of music we normally hear. He is one of the most talented musicians I have ever heard. It was quite an honor having him play for us on one of the most important days of our lives. I would highly recommend him for any event!

Susan T. Perkins, Esq.,
Providence, RI Attorney


I started playing when I was young. Banging on anything I could. Banging eventually lead to professional training. I was trained in Latin African rhythms on hand drums, and it has became my style of choice.

I fell in love with handpans in 1999, but truly in love with Halos. This melodic drum was a perfect fit for Latin rhythms. However, there is no music written for the Halo. I've written, improvised and performed my original tracks. Listen to some of them on soundcloud.

Maybe you've seen Joe here....

Joe Clark playing 3 of his Halos

Joe Clark, in the mood

Joe Clark playing his Halos at Whole Foods Market in Providence, RI

Joe Clark playing at Whole Foods Market


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